3v3 blockbuster trade

Cmc, D.Parker, Moss FOR Henry, Boyd, Bell

Should I do it or just stay put?

Thanks in advance guys

I don’t think I would. It’s a potential downgrade at RB1, unless you think CMC won’t come back looking the same as he usually looks, only a slight upgrade at WR2 and that’s contingent on how well Tua plays as he starts to take on more responsibility, and I think ROS, I might take Moss over Bell. Moss is actually starting to take work away from Singletary. Bell hasn’t taken a thing away from CEH that wasn’t already being taken from him anyway.

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Totally get where you’re coming from. Honestly the reason I was considering this trade is the wr situation and mccafreys potential reinjury. My wr core is Godwin, Parker, Claypool and John brown. Moss is better than bell ros in my estimation as well. But the Tua and Parker connection makes me nervous, and Boyd has been getting such volume with burrow throwing the ball every single damn down. Also SOS was a big part of it. Henry’s playoff schedule is an absolute dream. Not that he needs it or that mccafreys is not matchup proof, which he obviously is, but it certainly helps the argument that henry might be the best fantasy player during the playoffs (w14-16). Also Boyd has amazing SOS. That being said, I have 24h to really consider this before making a decision, still struggling to decide. Thanks for the advice though, appreciate it!

Well it’s not a BAD trade at all. And I do see your point with Henry. I just keep waiting for the other shoe to drop with him because he doesn’t catch passes, but so far that hasn’t seemed to matter. I just think I would maybe try to get a little bit better upgrade at WR, even if it meant taking Bell out of the equation and making it a 3 for 2 trade.

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