3WR keeper?

Hey Guys,

Do you think its dumb to keep 3 WRs in a PPR keeper league. I’m in the weird situation with WRs of Hopkins, Thomas (for sure), then thielen and evans. Best RB is Freeman.

Nothing crazy, but that puts you in a bind of almost having to rely on rookie RBs (depending on what’s actually available of course come draft day) and that’s usually not great. Luckily, rookie RBs this year seem to be solid and could be a really nasty combo. Do you by chance know what spot you will draft from? If it’s the 1.01 I would do it, just cause you will know you can get the top RB available, which would probably be Barkley unless someone happens to let go a big name.

Ya it would be an easy call with Barkley. Unfortunately I don’t know my draft position yet.