4-1 team(lost OBJ and DJ).. Two big trades back to back.. Need advice

Ok. So 4-1. 10 team standard scoring
We start : 1QB, 2RB, 3 WR 1 TE 1 flex

Just lost OBJ last weekend.

Here is my team

QB- rivers, smith
RB-ajayi, gurley, kamara, AP, berida
WR- Keenan, baldwin, Emmanuel, amendola, rishard Matthews, Terelle pryor, Corey Davis (has been on my IR)
IR: David Johnson

So it hasnt processed yet but I accepted a trade last night of
I send him Mccaffery and Cohen
He sends me emmanual Sanders and pryor

Trade #2
This morning I got offered

Trade gurley and Alex smith


Melvin Gordon and Hopkins…

Would you do it? Gurley isn’t as injury prone as Gordon but I love getting hopkins.
Kinda wish I would of got this trade before I sent Mccaffery and Cohen away.

If I do this I think I def package a WR or 2 for another decent RB


I try and answer 5-7 questions a day… So hopefully I can get some good feedback from you guys in return.

I def do this trade Gurley has tough schedule coming up and Gordon is on the Rise and Hopkins is balling out


Thanks for that advice anyone else?

Yeah this seems like a decent trade. Check out what QBs are on waivers too if you can’t roll with Rivers every week.

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I think I’d do this trade for sure. What other QBs are available to stream?

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Big Ben

I would do the trade to receive gordon and hopkins. And keep you receivers

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hopkins in the king of the garbage men even if they are behind he gets targets i think in your position i would do this trade

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Thanks league for the help…

I did this trade.