4-1 Team Needs Trade / Upgrade Help Please

Hey guys,
Please see my team below in 10-man Standard scoring league (I drafted 10th)

I am 4-1, tied at the top of my league with 2 other guys. Five of them are either 3-2 or 2-3, one is 1-4 and one is 0-5. The two at the bottom are very stubborn and do not want to trade any key pieces.

I feel like I am light at WR position but any combo of trades from my bench players don’t get accepted.
I tried to get Juju from the 1-4 guy or Davontae Adams from the 0-5 guy for any combo of 2 players from: Hyde, A.Jones, Breida, Davis, Cole, Thompson, Baldwin. Any 2 for either of those WRs, both declined.

There is nobody of note left on the waiver wire as all the guys in the league listen to multiple podcasts so all know their stuff. I think that’s why there isn’t much trading happening, everyone is afraid of getting burned.

Have you any recommended targets for me, or should I stay put? My schedule coming up is against good players but I am lucky in that the guys I face, their star player seems to be on a bye that week!

Week 6 - his Michael Thomas is on bye
Week 7 - his AB84 is on bye
Week 9 - his DJ, Ertz, Mixon is on bye

Any help appreciated thanks

you could certainly use an upgrade at receiver. You are going about it the right way in your offers too, but unfortunately in competitive leagues getting top guys with big names can be difficult to do at a value. Try for guys who have struggled lately but still talented in good situation (Hill, Landry) or guys who are beat up or hurt but shouldn’t be long term issue (B. Cooks, W. Fuller). You could potentially see if you can buy low on Tate as well coming off down game and currently on bye. I know they aren’t elite options, but still could be upgrades for you.

Thanks for the reply. I think my team is solid enough and my weekly flex options are decent, and at 4-1 I hope to make the playoffs, but I think I might struggle in the playoffs (if I get there) if I don’t start making some moves for some superstar WRs soon enough.

I am also very unsure about Kareem Hunt this year, I drafted him in 11th spot and still lie awake at night with sweaty draft regret for not taking Melvin Gordon there instead lol!

The guy I’m facing this week has Landry so he’s a no-go this week, but maybe a target for next week. I have also tried for Keenan Allen low buy for any 2 of the players above also, but the owner is a Chargers fan and a number 13 fan, so will not let him go, unless he trade rapes someone!

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