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4.3 spot. Pick 1


Thomas/crabtree/hopkins/Robinson? Pick 1. I have mccoy,Murray,Pryor. .5ppr


Thomas. I didn’t even have to think about it.


I know, I’m liking Crabtree a lot tho. But agreed


I like Crabtree as well. I also like Robinson this year as I think a running game will open up the passing game, BUT I will always pick a rising star who has Drew Brees at QB.

Well, you were talking about Michael Thomas or Demaryius Thomas? I didn’t think about that lol.


Thomas is the clear answer to me, Crabtree the only other consideration, Thomas has a higher ceiling to me.


Thomas, crabtree is close for me though.


Yeah if you mean Demaryius Thomas, I would still go with him since he’s the clear cut #1.


D.thomas, if m.thomas, that would be been a no brainer


Right, which is why I initially said I didn’t even think about it. The other Thomas is definitely a lot closer to Crabtree. I just don’t like that Crabtree has a rising star next to him that people are considering to have a break out year. Crabtree will still have a huge year, but Thomas has a higher ceiling.


People say Cooper is a rising star, but I don’t see it. Cooper has a role on the field and plays it really well. The team has shown no signs of expanding that role. Instead, that have shown more signs of taking away targets for rushing attempts.

As far as roster construction, you have a lotto ticket with Pryor so pair him with someone high floor. DT will have more double digit weeks by a small margin, and Crabtree will have higher double digit scores by a small margin.

I say Crabtree because the offense will have a better passing game script and more TD opportunity.