4 Keeper League Decision

I’m in a standard 12 team 4 keeper league where if you keep 4 players they’re you’re round 1 - 4 pick. I had Chubb, Jefferson, Amari Cooper and Swift locked in as my top 4 keepers until today’s news of a potential Lisfranc injury for Etienne. I also have Robinson on my roster and I’m trying to decide if I should keep him over Cooper or not.

I’m leaning towards him over Cooper because there are a bunch of good WRs and the RB depth is non-existant. We also remove players with any sort of abuse claims against them so high level talent pulled out of the pool includes Zeke, Hunt and Mixon. Only 3 guys but it makes there that much less top level talent. Is it stupid for me to risk Robinson as a keeper over the safety of Amari Cooper?

I have to lock in keepers by 5pm today unfortunately.

Well the Lisfranc was confirmed so it’s basically if you want 3 rb or not

With the Swift news I would take James Robinson over swift and keep Cooper.

I was going to say this even before the Swift dinging. Robinson looks to be the more productive back in the absence of Etienne. Swift is still a committee guy.