4 Keeper Question

half point PPR where we keep 4 players and lose the round they were drafted in, or if a waiver pick up a late round pick based on ADP. Pick 4 for me:

Player name (Position, round I would lose)

Miles Sanders (RB, 5th round)
Lamar Jackson (QB, 7th round)
Michael Gallup (WR, 10th round)
Mark Andrews (TE, 13th round)
Terry McLaurin (WR, 12th round)
Deebo Samuel (WR, 10th round)

I know for sure I’m keeping Sanders, Jackson, and Andrews, but the 4th is up in the air. Thoughts?

Likely McLaurin in the 12th for me.

Sanders and Jackson are definitely in for me. Gallup is out. So it’s two of Mclaurin, Samuel, Andrews. That’s up to you. I’d take Mclaurin and Samuel. But if you don’t think you can get value late at TE, you should go Andrews and Mclaurin.

DeeBo. WR 1 (at least 2) potential in the 10th round is a steal

I would argue that the upside of McLaurin is greater than the upside of Deebo.

I think McLaurin remains the WR1 for his team and the target/TD leader. Whereas Deebo will face competition for touches with the backfield and Kittle, their PC1 (pass catcher 1).

Good problem to have. Do not fault anyone for going with Deebo!

I agree with that. I like DeeBo as a player and is on the better team. But they are more run heavy.

McLaurin is the clear 1 and could be on the losing side a lot so would be a positive game script for passing

Sanders and Jackson are the easy choices, especially based on what you’d pay to get them back.

Gallup would be out with the changes in Dallas and because of the value you have sitting with the others.

I’d keep Andrews. He has a viable chance to finish as a TE 1-3 and the 13th round is nearly free.

So the choice is McLaurin or Samuel. I think it’s close enough to take the value of McLaurin but couldn’t fault Deebo.