4 Keepers, 1/2 PPR - LADDER Draft - KEEP/TRADE!?

1/2 PPR, 6pt QB, 4 keepers in a 10 team league, LADDER draft. Who should I keep/trade:

I pick at 1.09, but I traded my 1st for Chubb during the season. So first pick is 2.09

Michael Thomas
Joe Mixon
Tyreek Hill
Nick Chubb
Damien Williams
Julien Eddleman
Patrick Mahomes

Zeke, Chubb, Thomas, Mixon.

I would consider substituting Mahomes for Chubb since it’s 6pt passing TDs, but Zeke/Chubb/Mixon is a dynamic backfield. I don’t think Mahomes will have another 50 passing TD year especially with a different RB and Hill missing time. At the same time, Hunt will be back and we don’t know how much that will cut into Chubb’s workload.

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Zeke, MT, Mixon, Hill. if you really dont like the idea of keeping hill, switch him for mahomes instead. Zeke, MT, Mixon i dont really have to explain i think, they are just good and are a fantastic consolation prize to not having your 1st (which in a 4 man keeper like this is basically like not having a 5th) so those 3, lock them in.

let me make a case for hill. i legit think its 4 games at most he will be gone, with a chance at 2 once he appeals their decision. with, another senario where he doesnt have a suspension at all this year but next year instead. if any of these happen, im happy to have him at a “4th round” value and i think in those scenarios that is pretty self explanatory as well.

now my concerns… that he does get suspended this year for 4 games or even 2… but it gets delayed until fantasy playoff time. week 13. or, that all the baby mama drama keeps his moral and mood low and so he under-performs because lets face it, football players are still people and their lives effect their play.

if its me, im rolling the dice to have a guy who can blast any fantasy game open for me at any time.

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