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4 Keepers?


Two no Brainers are A.J. Green and Freeman.
I need two more
C.J. Prosise
J Reed

Standard 10 team 4 keepers


crowder pryor. your other options are a backups backup, and a te with injury issues.


Same. Only other one to consider is Reed but odds are he doesnt play half a season.


What is the cost for these players?


I have Bennet too


No Cost Standard ESPN rules We do pay 2 bucks per transaction


Then Crowder and Reed. Got to risk it for the biscuit.


Only thing I would say is The Ballers have Pryor over Crowder ?


But … Crowder already has a connection with Cousins … good Call


Pryor has a lot bigger an upside, I like Crowder for the safe play since you are taking a risk on Reed already.


What is your upside opinion ?


I am seeing everyone call Pryor the distance down the field guy. However 49% of his receptions last season were between 1-10 yards and 36% 11-20. Every single one of his receiving TDs were also in this range. He isn’t limited to the long bomb pass.
Where I really think he has the chance to shine is the red zone. He is still learning to be an NFL WR, but still has a 71% catch rate inside the 20 (Reed has 60%). Kirk threw 25 passing TDs in 2016 and 29 in 2015.

His upside is 2013-2015 Dez Bryant. You just have to weigh how likely that is.


Good Stuff thanks… I think I have Crowder trade foe a 6th round pick (Our 2nd Round )
giving me 4 picks in our first 2 rounds