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4 Man Keeper League Advice


I am in a 4 man keeper league. You MUST keep 4 players. My options are, Andrew Luck, Melivin Gordon, Brandin Cooks, Donte Moncrief, Eddy Lacy and Greg Olsen. Which 4 would you guys keep? Thanks


If round values do not matter than I like Melvin Gordon, Cooks, Moncrief and Luck. That last combo can put up a lot of TD’s and points this year.


Yes. Rounds do not matter. I like your perspective!


man, the only one really worth keeping is gordon. everyhing else is a maybe. also i never keep QBs. they just dont have value for me unless its a 2 QB league. so if you have to keep 4, its gordon, moncreif, cooks, lacy. but im not happy about it.


I’m okay with keeping a bonafied QB1 tho. Which Luck is.


I’m in a keeper league with no penalty for keepers and ended up having to keep luck last year. While I agree that it’s not always the best value, it was really nice going into the draft not having to worry about the QB position whatsoever.


I would keep Gordon, Cooks, Lacy, and Olsen… no question


Gordon, Lacy, Olsen for sure, because in a 4 keeper league RBs are going to be ridiculous to find with 48 players immediately off of the board. Olsen because I suspect he will be the WR1 the Carolina this year.

I would recommend Moncrief for the 4th, but simply because I am not sure Cooks’ ceiling will be very high on that offense.


@Guinness Do you think Moncreif has the stuff? I agree the situation is great, #2 WR for Luck (forgetting Luck’s injury history). But, is he a good receiver? I can see a world where Dorsett passes him as the #2. Also, Moncreif has yet to put up an impressive season. Personally, I like the talent of cooks better than Moncreif. In New England, I see Cooks getting a lot of the downfield work. In addition, Gronk has a history of not being on the field. Feasibly, Cooks is the #3 or #2 (if Gronk falls) on NE. Cooks is a no brainer for me, but won’t be on any of my teams with that ADP.


Honestly if you believe in Cooks then take him over Moncrief otherwise stick with Moncrief. Then pass on Eddie Lacy, to much of a risk with the line not being strong and Rawls could emerge.