4 massive trades

4 separate trades to different owners, each targeted towards their needs (due to injuries, bad performances, etc)

In total, it would be:

DJ, Hyde, Montgomery, Howard, Murray, Green, McLauren, Tate, and Henry


Bell, Jacobs, Thomas, and Golladay

I know it’s 9 players for 4 players, but I’m 1-6 and need to win now (I have good average points per game, but the most points against, just bad luck)

I’d be left with:

Saquon, Bell, Jacobs, Ty Johnson

Julio, Thomas, Golladay, Dede


Is this the right approach to try to finish strong?

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Screw it bro. 1-6 might as well just go all out honestly haha I love a good trade high


that’s my thought. Screw the depth for now, gotta go all in and crush the rest of the season. Even tho I average the 5th most ppg (12 teams), I have the most points scored against. So go big or go home, it’s fantasy football after all

If you can get all those trades to go your gonna be a force to wreck others seasons at the very worst

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plus I’m high on the waivers, so targeting Stills, Parker, and Edmunds

that’s the plan. Maybe I can win out and snag the last playoff spot. Gotta go full steam ahead to do so. At the very least maybe I can ruin some seasons/standings, go down swinging

guy in my league last year was 1-7 had the tie break to get in and then won the thing. Your not out of it yet man

That’s the hope. I made the playoffs last year in the same position almost, 6-7. Ended up winning it all. Never give up

honestly if all of those go you could probably trade one of them again and refill the bench even stronger. hope it all goes well good luck

exactly, I’ll have some good options post-trade, and waiver wise. But figured I gotta do something to get back into the fight.

Thanks man, you as well!

Definitely not out of it. I like the trade as you will be gutted but with a strong squad. That is important. Stills off the WW will be a help and if you can also grab Edmonds you will be in nice shape. Look at Knox / Graham / Watson to add TE depth if they are out there.

But might as well go for it!