4 open spots in 10 man auction league

I have 4 available spots in a 10 man, redraft, auction league ($200 auction budget).

Full PPR. 6 points per pass TD. FAAB waivers.
1 QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 SuperFlex, 3 Flex, Defense, Kicker.

$50 dollar buy in (likely just venmo the commissioner, unless people are uncomfortable with that). Sleeper.

The draft will likely be a weeknight (likely between 7 and 10, eastern time) during the week of August 22nd (can’t do it later in the summer because a buddy will be at sea 8/27-9/10).

If interested, respond here, or message me on sleeper (username = “rayczajajr”) or email me (rayczajajr@gmail.com).