4 openings in startup dynasty

I’m the commissioner of a keeper league that a set of us are getting into a startup dynasty league as well, the 6 of us are also using the same scoring system as well

Passing/rushing/recieving first down is worth .2(if you do either of those you get .2 for a first down)

.2 per rush attempt

.1 per field goal yard(48 yd fg = 4.8 pts

-1 for pat missed and fg under 20 yards missed

Punt return yds are 1 pt for every 10 yds

Kick returns are 1 pt for every 20 yds

Players only lose points if the fumble is lost

We run through sleeper and it is preferred that you’re added to the Facebook messenger chat as that’s where most of us talk ball at.

If you’re interested lmk, we want the most active league we can get, draft is may 1st

I’d be interested in the league, JarekF21 on sleeper

2 spots left, get em while they’re hot!!

I’m interested. @KDub79 on Sleeper

I’m in kgrad13 on sleeper and