4 people looking to start/join dynasty startup

Me and a few friends want to start playing dynasty and are looking for a league that needs people or to start one of our own. If we do our own, it’d probably be on sleeper, ideally 12 teams.

Let me know if you need people or want to join up with us!


I’d be in to join if you guys start one up!

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I’d join one also!.

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I’m looking to join.

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I would be interested if you start something.

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I would love to get involved with this league if there’s room.

I’d like to join a dynasty league.

I just started playing dynasty this past season and love it! I think I’m a bit obsessed, haha. Anyhow, I’ve been commissioning redraft leagues for several years and am looking to start a couple of dynasty startups. I’m thinking 12 team, 1 qb ppr. Probably 24 bench spots and 4 IR slots. If you guys want to play, let’s do this. Let me know if you all are in and I will get it started asap.

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I just created a league on sleeper. I will post the link here. I haven’t decided on a buy-in yet, but I’m thinking 25 for the first year, maybe a deposit as well, and we will go from there.

Just a heads up, this league is filling up quick. Hope to see some of you in there. :slight_smile:

I’d definitely be interested in joining if you still have an opening in one of your dynasty leagues!

Hey man! That league is filled to capacity, however, I may be starting another one in the near future. Would you like to be included on the invite list?

Hey man I got 4 people wanting to start a super flex dynasty TE premium. You want to join?

Absolutely, count me in if you are starting up another one!

Sorry I missed this, just saw it now!

Alright, will do!

Hey @12Parsecs im looking to start playing dynasty as well, dead keen. Thanks

Too late :joy:, if anyone drops let me know? @tafrican on sleeper :+1: