#4 Pick -- If Not Kamara, Who?

Draft is Thursday night. Given the news of Kamara possibly holding out now – if it’s not resolved by the draft, I’m figuring on letting him be someone else’s headache and bypassing him for Cook, Henry or CEH, not exactly sure which. Doubt very much that Zeke will fall to 4, though never say never. League is full PPR. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

I have been wondering the same myself. I have my draft tonight at 7 pm eastern time. I am in a 3wr, 2 rb, 2 flex league. 10 teams. full ppr.

I have the 5th pick…should I take CEH, Dalvin, Kamara, or Michael Thomas?

If standard I’m going henry. pPR you can go cook but may end up w/ the same issue.

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I’m all in on CEH. At 4, idk if I would spring for Michael Thomas. I don’t trust Cook’s health or potential headaches and I’m not sure Henry lives up this year. CEH, while unproven, is at least on one of the best offenses and that opportunity + volume will mean big numbers, hopefully.

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Bumping this – draft is later tonight. I think I have it narrowed to either Kamara or CEH at 4. My only worry with Kamara is that I remember Bell from a couple years back, people figured he was going to play anyway and he sat out all year. I know that was an extreme, and Kamara/Saints aren’t that far apart and they’re expecting all to be well by Week 1, but still thinking I should just take CEH instead if it’s not resolved by draft time. I’ll certainly be watching the news all day tomorrow.

Sounds like a headache situation :eyes: good luck people

I know you already drafted but it’s CEH for me all day

Kamara is gonna get a deal. Saints will find a way- they need him. They’re trying to get a Super Bowl with Brees. Fournette was just available and they could have made a play for him but didn’t. The person that drafted him in my draft was laughed at and today he’s laughing. Same thing with the Mixon owner. (My draft was this past Monday).
This becomes one of those things that you’ll skip him and he ends up getting a deal in the next couple of days.

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I understand Kamara returned to practice and everything and is working on a new deal, but do we still want to take him as high as 4?

I’m the 6th pick and my draft is on saturday. I’ve done dozens of mocks and either Kamara, Cook, or Thomas seem to keep falling to me, but my question is if cook and Thomas are taken, should i still get Kamara or reach up to grab Henry or ECH? Really hesitant about taking him this year

His back doesn’t concern anyone here I take it?

Fortunately turned out not to be an issue – Henry was chosen at #3, which meant I could take Zeke at #4 and leave Kamara for someone else.


Hell yeah! I had the 4th spot on my draft Monday and Zeke also fell to me.

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How bout me at 6 guys, genuinely worried that Cook and Thomas will both be gone and Kamara will fall to me, and i can’t decide if reaching up for Henry or ECH would be foolish or not

I don’t think it’s that much of a reach. The rankings we were working with had Henry at 5 and CEH at 6. In my draft, Henry was taken at 3.

Interesting but i don’t think that will be the case in my league, my league generally uses ESPN’s Top 300 Cheat sheet for drafting each year (i use the UDK) and they currently have it going Mcaffrey, Barkley, Zeke, Cook, Kamara, Thomas, Henry, Sanders, ECH.

If Kamara falls to me at 6, is he that much more of a value than ECH? Ballers have Henry ranked 13 (!!!) and ECH 6 while Kamara sits at 4

Yeah, Henry at 13 is extreme. Henry at 7 is probably more accurate and therefore wouldn’t be much more of a stretch to take him at 6 if you don’t get Cook or Thomas. He doesn’t really catch passes but he’ll more than make up for it in terms of yardage and TDs. Even CEH at 9, I wouldn’t rank him ahead of Sanders at this point (that’s the only rankings all week I’ve seen having Sanders ahead of him), so that would put him at 8, and that’s not much of a leap from 8 to 6.

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