#4 Pick -- Trade Down or Keep? (Full PPR)

Greetings fellow defending champions and future champions! Glad to be back for the new season!

To begin the defense of my title, I have the 4 pick in an 11-team league. So my first 4 picks are 4, 19, 26, 41. The players currently around 4 are good (Kamara, Davante, M. Thomas, Zeke if he falls from 3), but I’m not terribly thrilled with my choices in the 2nd round at 19 – A Robinson, A Jones, Golladay, Jacobs. 3rd rd is a little better, with DJ Moore, Juju, Evans and Thielen around (or Chubb if he falls from 24), but then Rd 4 has Carson, Conner, Bell, Chark, Lockett, or Fournette/Gurley if they drop.

Was considering trading down to somewhere around pick 9-11 instead – choices I would have in the first 2 rounds look to be Julio, CEH, Tyreek, Henry, M Sanders, Nuk, Ekeler, Mixon, Godwin. If I trade 3rd-4th rd picks instead (or also), then I’m looking at, instead of the above, Cooper, OBJ, Woods, Kupp, Ridley, Gurley, Fournette.

It just seems to me like the quality would be better if I made the switch. I may be a little biased because I drafted 12th out of 12 last year and worked the bend into a title. Am I better off at 4-19-26-41 or trading down and going with 11-12-33-34?

Thanks in advance as always.

Depends what you would get to trade down. I wouldn’t trade down just to do it.