4 players 150 pts

So after Thursday I’m down to the Rams stack… I put in guys that have the highest upside to try and see what they can do…
Question is who’s the better QB to stream?

Currently have Eli
I can get Keenum, Flacco, Tannehill

Took out buck Allen and put in Sutton with the hopes that Keenum hits him in that shootout against the chiefs

Yikes that’s crazy, do you get 4 or 6 points per touch down?

6 pts,
This is full ppr

I would go Eli. He has more upside going to against Drew Brees, could be another shootout like a few years ago.

That’s what I was thinking too, they’ve been playing decent and that offense is due for a big game already.

Also am I crazy for sitting Fitz? Larry Legend himself?.. I’m just worried with Rosen’s first game and it’s a divisional game against the hawks…

I just put my money where my mouth is and dropped Stafford and picked up Eli. I am also sitting Fitz for better options. We will see how he does with the new QB before I figure out what to do with him.

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