4 Pts Down Going Into MNF -- What Are My Chances?

I have Robbie Gould and the Niners D, my opponent has Mayfield and OBJ. (I made the mistake of playing Rivers over Dak – it seemed like a good idea at the time.) My thinking is that I have to hope for a near total shutdown of Cleveland tonight in order to win, or at the very least that they stifle the passing game. Thoughts please? Thanks in advance.

Hate to say it, but you should probably look onto week 6 lol


Alas, you’re probably right lol stranger things have happened, though.

Particularly burns that this is to the last-place team too.

I need 30,9 points from OBJ in half ppr

SF K/DEF combined: 24 pts
Mayfield/OBJ: 3 pts

Ask and ye shall receive. :wink:

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I was down by 4.

They had SF D . I had Chubb. Needless to say I lost…

Bummer, Chubb had a decent game too.

That’s awesome

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