4 team dispersal in 14 team empire league

14 team empire league. $100 Entry. (an empire is a dynasty league where when someone wins back to back championships, the league is over).

20 man roster/ 10 taxi/ 2 ir

2SF/6Flex starting lineup

Every year $200 goes into the empire pot (currently at $600 with the contribution from 2020 season)

There is a new champion this year (2019) so they have a chance at winning the $600 in the 2020 championship, if not it grows another $200

Regular seasonal payouts are $700 to 1st/ $200 to 2nd/ $100 to 3rd/ $10 to each weekly high score in the regular season and $200 to empire pot each year = $1330.

The league is currently hosted on MFL but we are voting to move to sleeper. So another $70 would be added to winnings.

List of players and picks available in the 4 team draft:

Bylaws: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YZ15rGE5jIr76A2GZFHSIMMlBHUMxNxncCUAdqjmSsA/edit?usp=sharing