4 Teams up for Adoption / .5 PPR Dynasty

So, a few friends and I started a Dynasty League just this year, and unfortunately, we need to replace 4 inactive owners. This is a 12-team / .5 PPR / Dynasty, and we are seeking highly active owners.

Current Standings:

The 4 teams available for adoption are:

  1. Breezeway
  2. WoHoPs
  3. Showtime
  4. UGK

If you are interested, just reply to this thread or shoot me a message. Please state which team you want, or if you would be willing to take over whatever is left. Ideally, we are looking to replace these owners ASAP.

hey, i could take over the first team breezway. And could start ASAP

Got your message and will be updating original post to reflect teams remaining for adoption.

Breezeway team has been filled.

Still need owners for: showtime, UGK, & WoHoPs

I’d be cool with taking over Wohops if you’re still looking for owners

WoHoPs is still available. I’ll PM you tomorrow with an invite link.

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sounds good!

Ignore me, when i first opened the posts, I didn’t see the full thread.

I could probably take of Showtime.