49ers Backfield

Breida is sitting as a FA right now, I’m working a couple of trades two for ones to free up a spot for him.

How do people see this backfield shaking out this year, I think McKinnon is a while away at this stage so it’s Coleman and Breda for me. Are we thinking 50/50 or more Coleman’s favour?

Or give it a couple of weeks, stash Breida on the chance he takes the bulk of the role over given how explosive he can be while healthy?

Breida should def be owned in a 12 team league.

Firmly agree. I made a spot with a trade this morning and grabbed him. Was amazed he went undrafted

I drafted Coleman last night, mostly as a flex. Should I regret taking him over Breida?

I wouldn’t say regret at all, I think Coleman will get first crack at the majority of the workload for sure. It just might end up as a fairly even split.

So given their relative draft cost Breida may end up the better value, not sure how they would split the passing, 1/2 down, goal line up - could be a frustrating couple of guys to own all year. If McKinnon mixes in by mid-season I may sell my shares (if I still have) as a land mine for someone else to mange