49ers lions or colts

I need opinions quick on def. stream

Chiefs if available, cardinals then over 49ers if available, of these 3 don’t really like any at all. Colts I guess, gun to my head

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Chiefs are available, but they only got 6 points last faceoff against Denver and I’m a Denver fan lol so optimistic about scoring

Last one was in DEN, and Keenum was actually looking competent leading to first matchup. In KC, Keenum looking like pre-Minny days, light em up for me, especially with their pass rush.

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Haha alright I’m projected to win by 12 I’ll risk the biscuit

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Trusting your opinion lol

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If it goes poorly just know I’m rolling with them as well hahaha

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Lol at least we will fall together xD fingers crossed this game ends 6-3 Denver xD with lots of turnovers haha

Probably colts for me.

Our roll out of KC doesn’t look too hot right now haha

I’m streaming the colts :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

I love the Colts ROS schedule. They have great matchups, but unfortunately their secondary is kind of falling apart and they may not be up for taking advantage of their schedule. If they show signs of life today I may take and keep them for a while.

Ravens D for Colts D straight up right now. deal?

Reasonable given their respective remaining schedules.

ended up getting me 8 and a W, i can’t complain haha