49er's Question: Goodwin's OUT, does that Hurt or Help KITTLE?

I’m worried that Marquise Goodwin’s not playing tomorrow will allow the Bucs to put the clamps on George Kittle a little more. Am I overthinking this? I could move to either Sony Michel or Phillip Lindsey instead. Thanks.

Who are you starting at TE over Kittle?
your comments suggests you are flexing him.

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Is this a league without designated positions in the starting lineup?

Sorry, here are the complete lineup details. Standard scoring

QB: Matt Ryan

RB 1: Melvin Gordon
RB 2: Sony Michel or Phillip Lindsey(?)

WR or TE 1: Davante Adams
WR or TE 1: Zach Ertz

FLEX: Kittle, Michel or Lindsey(?)

Im putting in Kendrick Bourne

i don’t think Goodwin being out hurts Kittle

I would play kittle here, and michele over lindsay if gordon doesnt plau.

Definitely start kittle, he will get force fed the :football: