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4rth Keeper option


Hello all. First time here. I just discovered the podcast this season and absolutist loving it. I have my first question for everyone. The league is a 10 team full ppr. Three of my keepers are OBJ, Amari Cooper, and Melvin Gordon. The 4rth keeper is a question though. I don’t like keeping Qbs so I probably won’t go with that option. I have Kelvin Benjamin, not a big fan, Tevin Coleman, Corey Coleman. If you guys really want to know my qbs, it’s Dak, Wentz, and Mariota, which I feel like I could get late in the draft or something better because I know most of my league doesn’t keep qbs unless it’s one of the clear elite players.

Also, because it is a 4 keeper league. Does everyone think Fornetter be worth that 1rst round pick. Our first round is essentially our 5th round.