4th & 5th pick in 1st round. What would you do?

Im in a 12 team 2 flex 1 SF full PPR league. I trade up and ended up getting the 1.04 and 1.05 picks I also have a 2.05 pick in a start up draft. No 3rd or 4th round. So my question is what position to go for with the first 2 picks? 2 QBs or maybe a QB and their WR? Thoughts?

I personally try to get 2 QBs in the first 3 rounds, if I can. SF format, QBs go with a quickness.

Now, this also depends on how your leaguemates are. If you know you can get away with 1 qb in the 1st round and there will be a decent QB2 for you by the time you pick again, go for it.

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I would get a stud RB (Cook, Kamara) and your top ranked QB (Allen, Murray, Jackson, Dak) with 1.04/1.05. Then 2.05 get your 2nd QB (Dak, Herbert, Wilson). Then your gonna have to hammer RB and WR nonstop and go for late TE’s (2 late ones, Higbee, Troutman, Jarwin would be my main targets).