4th overall TJ Hockenson?

So I have the 4th, 8th, 18th, 21st, and 35th pick in the draft. I am certain Jacobs will go one and Harry will go three. Not sure what number two is doing. But I dont like anyone else at four so thinking of picking TJ. I know the person at seven will take TJ since she lost Gronk. I am planning on taking Campbell at 8 and hoping Butler falls to me at 18.

My team is
Wilson, Luck, Winston

Zeke, Barkley, Guice, Aaron Jones, Mccoy, Kerryon, Ballage, and Penny

Obj, Mike Evans, Corey Davis, Amari Cooper, Sammy Watkins, and Courtland Sutton

Kittle, Graham, and Burton

It is a standard league with a taxi squad for all draft picks.

What should I do? Am I reaching way to much?

Donate your picks to the less fortunate. This team is stacked. Just pick your favorite guy.

@Asfriedhoff, absolutely. This team is FIRE! Donate your picks to me.

Thats a sick team. Does it even matter who you pick?

Overthinking it. Take who you like. Sounds like you have a pretty good feel for the teams picking around you.

I would not take TJ at four. You are a contending team, built to win now. A rookie TE, statistically is not going to help you do that. Take the best RB at 4 whether it is Montgomery or Sanders.

Stay water my friend. For me, preparation is not about choosing the right players before the draft. It’s selecting the right player available during the draft.

Keep this in mind regarding Butler.

Agree with @fun4willis in that you take best available in the draft. Also agree with everyone else that with your team, you should not need a rookie to put you over the top. Especially as they likely will not anyway. You have an excellent stack of players you have there!