4th Pick, 10 team 1/2 PPR. Hating Zeke

I go 4th overall, and assuming Barkley, CMC, and Kamara go 1,2,3 I’m left worrying about Zeke.

I had Bell last year, so I know that burn all too well. Everyone seems to point for an elite WR early, or maybe David Johnson.

I want to stick with the first round RB. I may either bite the bullet on Zeke, or pick James Conner, or Lev Bell. Would this be a crazy stretch? I feel like they’re going in the first anyway, and I don’t trust D. Johnson to get it done as well as my two prospective picks, what with the Cardinals offence how it is.

Someone talk some sense into me or reassure this mess? Hate this 4th pick.

Don’t pigeon hole yourself into taking a player you don’t like simply to follow a strategy.

The first 3-4 rounds should really be a game of BPA, or best value.

Take Adams or Hopkins at 4 if you don’t trust Zeke, and then see what’s there at your second pick. Maybe Conner and Bell fall a bit and you get those guys anyway paired with a top 5 WR.

Lots of options, let your draft come to you, don’t force it.