4th Pick 10 team ppr

Drafting 4th overall in a 10 team ppr. Assuming Gurley Bell and Johnson go first 3, which player should I be looking at? Debating between Zeke and Brown. If I snag brown I may try to snatch gronk on the return and lock down two studs. Any thoughts or strategy ideas?

I don’t hate it, but if you don’t go RB in the 1st two rounds, you’re going to struggle there all season. If Gurley/Bell/DJ are available, obviously take on of them otherwise I say grab Zeke then (if available) Gordon, Fournette or Howard, or if you’d rather a WR there Thomas and Allen should be around. Personally, I’m only taking Gronk if none of my 1st or 2nd tier RBs and WRs are left on the board.

So what would you think of a strategy with Brown, then Gordon (although he’ll likely be gone), Fournette, Howard, Freeman and hope for Gronk 3? I had Gronk on a team last year and it was such a huge benefit to my team not having to stress about the position.

Go Zeke.
He is elite at his position and I thi k he ends up as RB 1 you can still get a top wr (Green or Evans) in second or third round depending on if you take Gronk. I had a league where I got Zeke, Green, and Gronk with my first three picks.

I still go RB over AB. If you had the fifth pick and gurley/bell/dj/zeke are all gone I’d say AB, but not if you can get one of those four first. Just promise me you wont take Gronk earlier than the 3rd?

I would love if my draft plays out that way. Think Green is in for a huge year

Haha idk about promising not taking gronk but I will think hard about it based on the options there. May I ask why you are so against gronk in the back of the second?

Because any WR or RB who would be available > WRs and RBs who’ll be in the third. Gronk may put up WR1 numbers but I still like Allen, Thomas, Green and others more. If he’s in the third, that’s where you get him. Then you have a true RB1, WR1 and Gronk rather than an RB1, Gronk and a WR2/RB2.

if thats the first three, zeke. zeke was RB2 overall his rookie year. the year DJ went OFF! he was on pace for RB2 again last year, the year gurley went OFF! he is a consistent monster of an RB that people undervalue. which is insane to say of the more often than not, 3rd or 4th overall pick. but i think its true. his catches are going up, he is their whole running game, and the focal point of their offense, and has one of the best o lines out there. the only way i see him dipping below top 5 RB is through injury, and i am not worried about him getting injured. you have no worries with zeke. just consistent production that will boom for you as well.

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