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4th Pick in a PPR Dynasty League


Hey footclan,

This past year I took over a team that finished 2nd to last in a 12 Team PPR Dynasty League (Each team keeps 12 players).

This year I’ve got the 4th Overall Pick. I’ve got decent depth, but no explosive options at WR with Doug Baldwin, K Allen, D Adams, Decker, and DJax.

The RB position is definitely where I need to add depth with only McCoy and Montgomery worthy of being kept, and Carson Wentz as my QB Keeper. (will likely stream a QB week to week until he can prove consistency)

All of this being said, at Fourth Overall, which of the rookie RB’s should at target? Or should I consider trying to trade up to get a Fournette/McCaffrey?

Thanks for any suggestions!


I think you will be good with Mixon or Cook, whichever falls to you.


I would go with Mixon.

Cook will start immediately, but he will not have the end zone work. Mixon will be on a dynamic offense with future bell cow potential. Plus with McCoy and Monty you don’t have to start him immediately.


I totally agree with the Mixon suggestion. And not because I’m a Bengals fan…


Don’t be afraid to take McCaffrey, if he falls. I know it’s becoming all the rage to hate in him for his size, but that kid can flat out play. I don’t see him coming off the field hardly at all (even when Stewart is in, which I do expect him to be frequently). He’s my #2 overall prospect for ppr dynasty, and I wouldn’t change that opinion much in standard either.


I think it goes without saying, if McCaffrey is there, he’s the pick. I just imagine him being gone at #2. Made a very fair offer to move up, but the kid only wanted McCoy which definitely seems like a situation where you’d have to rob Peter to pay Paul. Looks like I’ll be sticking with Mixon or Cook.


I would shy away from McCaffrey, he is the new Danny Woodhead/Dion Lewis in the league, and can really make plays. There are other guys with the same potential that simply do not get usage. See Dexter McCluster/James White/Duke Johnson. A guy like McCaffineFree needs a team that will use him. They drafted him high so I would assume they would, but I have been surprised before.

I think he has more risk than Mixon, Cook, and even Hunt and Perine.


@Guinness I agree with you regarding McCaffrey. The 3 best RBs coming in are easily Mixon, Cook, and Fournette. You can’t go wrong with any of those 3. I just think Mixon has the ability to be the best of the 3.


@dabballfool @Guinness Thanks for the heads up guys! Hoping Mixon drops with Gio being healthy, not that I don’t like Cook, but I just like Mixon’s talent a bit more, just because he seems like more of a 3 down back in the future.


No problem. Just hope and pray he doesn’t knock someone else out cold and you should be all set with Mixon.


@dabballfool, #legitimaterisk


McCaffrey is a great talent in a less than ideal situation. For him to be most effective, Cam would have to change his game and dump it to the RB rather than tuck and run when he gets in trouble. I just don’t see McCaffrey and Cam finding chemistry this year.

The Jags haven’t been shy about the fact that they want Bortles to throw as little as possible. Fournette will get the touches, it’s just up to him what he does with them.

Cook is making a lot of noise in camps, but Mixon is the more talented of the two. I put zero weight into the reports coming out of Cincy about Mixon being third on the depth chart. They’re not fooling anyone, Mixon is their guy.


Well Mixon will have to learn the offense before he can take the starting job. That is much easier said than done. Also I have heard the Panthers are trying to get Cam to stop running with the ball, he just sucks at it.


@Guinness People keep saying that about Cam, but the big picture here is that if they do that, they will start losing games. When they lose 2 games in a row, they will go back to Cam running. There is just no denying the fact that they WANT to make him pass more, but CAN’T because he doesn’t have the ability. Jus’ sayin’


I don’t disagree. Needless to say I am not high on Cam this season.


Sorry Guiness, but the comparison to Woodhead/McCluster really is ridiculous. McCaffrey literally grades out as one of the most successful college runners, in the between the tackles, in years. If you don’t know that, it’s because you haven’t watched him. Stanford is a power running team, and he master that system. Of course, even casual fans knows what he can do when he gets on the edge/in space. He is significantly more talented than anyone you listed. If anything, McCaffrey, as a prospect, compares more favorably to Brian Westbrook, but better between the tackles. He also compares favorably to Freeman, with a bit less power, but even more open field explosiveness.

The top 4 rookie running backs ranked by talent and fit in the modern NFL: 1) Mixon, 2) McCaffrey, 3) Cook, 4) Fornette. Fornette does not fit today’s NFL. Every team either has started to employ versatipe RBs, is starting now, or will wish they had soon. Mixon is the clear top talent in that respect in this draft. McCaffrey is easily second. Mark my words.

Fantasy-wise, both Fornette and Mixon do get a bit of a boost due to likely being better suited for short yardage than the other two (though Mixon has serious short yardage competition until Hill is gone). In PPR, Cook and McCaffrey should have enough of an advantage in the pass catching department to make up for less TD (when compared to Fornette, specifically).

Now, when you consider situation, Mixon comes back to the pack a bit, due to crowding in the backfield, and likelihood of that line being just dreadful. McCaffrey, Cook, and Fornette all look to have significant work loads all but guaranteed early, but each does have real concerns around their offensive lines and offenses’ effectiveness, in general.

Agree, disagree, do with that what you will, but I’ll stand by it.


@DFWB, lets calm it down a bit with the dismissing other opinons. I have seen McCaffrey’s film. I never said he was at the same skill level, but he will be used in the same role as Woodhead/McCluster. My hesitation is how much the Colts will use that role. Though Woodhead’s talent is very under rated.

I know about Stanford’s running system, they have brilliant blocking schemes. Linebackers and linemen in the NFL aren’t on the same level as the NCAA, huge gap in performance. NFL linebackers will run him down. There are countless examples of successful college runners having trouble with that gap.

Since we are on the film, go watch Stanford vs Norte Dame. McCaffery is not that fast. In addition, he is weak at pass protection, a HUGE part of the Colt’s run game I might add. Especially if Luck is playing through a nagging injury. Speaking of injury, McCaffinefree is a stand up runner like TY Montgomery. Except McWoodheadclone is 200 lbs and 5’11", it is a generous 5’11" at that. He is an injury risk now, and sustained a few in the NCAA.

I don’t mean to be all doom and gloom. McCrafty will be a good player, and will probably produce in fantasy. Just like Woodhead does, and McCluster would have if TEN wasn’t so stubborn. I just can’t recommend a receiving back over potential feature back roles. The usage just isn’t there.


You’re right, I was a bit overly dismissive. I apoligize. That said, you realize McCaffrey plays for the Panthers, right?


Just for fun, here are some RBs around McCaffrey’s size, some of whom are actually smaller: Barry Sanders, Curtis Martin, Tiki Barber, Ray Rice. Is he going to be any of these guys? Who knows. My point is evaluate the skill set, which does not only include pass catching or perimeter running (or at least it didn’t at Sranford), not just the body type.


He could very well be one of those guys. I think he earned himself more carries last night.