4th pick - Zeke or No Zeke?

Im the 4th pick in a 2Qb .5ppr league. I will likely be faced with a tough decision this evening at my draft…

Do I take DJohnson or Mahomes over Zeke?

What would you do?

Take Zeke here but take pollard in the 7th or 8th May have to reach for him but you’d have a solid starter either or

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Mahomes in a 2QB league if he makes it to you. If he doesn’t, that means one of the other top RBs (Saquon, Kamara or CMC) will be available for you to take.

You have the 4th pick, in a 2QB league your priority should be

  1. Barkley
  2. Kamara
  3. CMac
  4. Mahomes

Even if Zeke was not in a dispute, I’d take one of those 4 over him and I’m also in a 2QB .5 ppr league.

Thanks. Would your next move be a tier 3 rb or a tier 1-2 wr? Seems to be alot of potential rb1 types in the tier 4 range which would allow me to snag a top end wr…

If you go Mahomes, I would be targeting a RB in round 2 because it’s going to thin out but Dalvin cook has been falling to the end of the second so that is a realistic and very good looking option. Wrapping back around you could possibly get Antonio Brown or Keenan Allen for your WR1.

If you go one of the RB’s, I would target a WR at the end of the 2nd (AB or OBJ maybe). Coming back round in the 3rd you should be able to snag a Chris Carson or Kerryon as a compliment RB2. Then snag Cam or someone similar at the end of the 4th

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Like it! Have a great day.

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