4th round dynasty more WR, QB or something else

So i have starting lineup in league will be
1QB 2RB 3WR 1 TE and 2 Flex

I drafted these players already but have a 2nd pick in the 4th

Wr-TYREEK hill
Rb-Rasard penny

Do i go for Josh Gordon or Jarvis laundry or Dj Moore that’s on the board.
Or do i go for QB Rodgers and Watson are gone but Russel Wilson, wentz are still there. I was planning on waiting on QB till like 8th or later.

RB still around are sony Michael, mark Ingram nick chubb, lesean mcoy

I would definitely go RB here. It’s a little dangerous to go back to back rookie RBs, so I really might lean McCoy. He alone is the buffalo offense. Also, I agree that you should wait on QB


I agree. Wait for QB for sure. And I would say go Michel, but your WRs are pretty strong. So if you go McCoy you are pretty solid. Also, if your season isn’t going as planned half way through this year I would think you might still get some good trade value for McCoy from the teams who are fighting for the playoffs.


100% wait on the QB, you can get plenty of options in rounds 8-10 which is when i look generally but depending on other owners draft moves of course.

As you have a rookie RB off the board as your RB1 i would be thinking RB as well at this point and i would stay away from the rookies too because you want some proven production in there now. I think based on the options available i would take McCoy as he will still be a shoe in for serious volume and could lead the Bills in receptions this year, and he averages around 50 a season anyway. I’d get another rookie in afterwards but i’d have to take that volume off the board if it was me and based on your current roster you have youth and tons of upside at WR so can afford to pause and get some rookie/upside guys later on

EDIT - yes as @kingedward43 says McCoy will potentially be good trade bait if your season doesn’t pan out


I would definitely take Michel here. McCoy is intriguing but he will probably only have 1-2 years of good production. Sony Michel is a great RB on one of the best teams in football, and he’s going to get touches. I drafted him myself in the 4th or 5th and i feel great about it