4th Round Receiver

I’m looking receiver at the 4.02 spot and Cooper, Juju, and D. Thomas are options. Who is your choice of the three?


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I really like both JuJu, Cooper and A-rob there they are all good. Think I like cooper a little more since he will be the wr1 for his team and A Rob as well. But I really like Jujus talent so I feel like you can’t go wrong with those 3

of those three, i throw cooper away. i am completely out of his corner. i was off of him last year for his price, and now that it has lowered… im still off of him. gruden will make that team a run first team, and im just not confident in coopers hands to out play jordy and bryant.

so its kinda tough between juju and thomas. so the coin flip goes to the guy that is the WR1 for his team, thomas.

I’m with Buster here. Cooper is a guy I don’t think I can ever trust and JuJu looks to be the 3rd choice behind Brown and Bell for touches in Pittsburgh.

I would go with Thomas.

I would be very happy with wither DT or Cooper as my WR2. Volume is king, and they’ll both have it. They also have the talent to make the most of it. Both their 2017s are blips in the radar to me. Would I want them as my WR1? No. But my WR2/3, in the 4th, is just fine with me.

out of curiosity, where do you see volume for cooper? he has a new old school coach who loves to run it, he has more competition in Bryant and nelson, and he really isnt a TD guy to help him out with games where he just doesn’t get it done. i mean even before gruden, he was getting 130 targets a year. which is respectable but its not exactly volume for a guy who drops a lot and doesnt win his 50 50 balls. plus that number went down last year (sure the whole team imploded but he was at the center of it) and you can still expect less targets just with the system, and new competition. im not expecting nelson and bryant to come in and command 33% each, but they will get their looks, right after gruden uses lynch and mighty mouse as much as he can.

Cooper also was just trash in terms of fantasy points per target. I’m not betting a 4th round pick on his rebound.
I’m actually looking for a TE here. I’d rather get ertz or kelce if they fall here.

If you look at the history of Gruden’s #1 WR, it’s pretty encouraging for Cooper. I think 130 is very much in the realm of possibility.

As for Gruden, none of the last 8 teams he coached ranked in the top 10 in rushing attempts.

you dont have to have top 10 attempts to run a lot. because he doesnt really finish that high in attempts for passes either. in fact he has more top 10 rushing attempts in his coaching career than he does top 10 pass attempts. its his split between run and pass play calls that you need to look at. and its 55 pass 45 run. those are not insane run call numbers, but its definitely higher than most in todays NFL. that would rank him around 23rd last year for passing play call percentage, and top 10 for rushing play call percentage.

he also favors older WRs heavily. his number 1 WR does usually get a good amount of targets and yards, but he has also only had 2 that were under 30. so really, thats an argument for jordy nelson being good this year, not cooper.

I don’t buy age as a consideration at all. I think he favors his best WR, and a lot of them happened to be older.

Thomas might be the safest of these 3, but I think I’d go with higher upside which would be between the other 2. Given that choice I’d probably go JuJu. Even though Cooper is the #1, you’ve got possible issues with his drops and QB consistency. Ben can have some off games but the Steelers will get in some shootouts and JuJu will give you a few weeks where he will put up huge numbers. It’s close though, I think Cooper has a good chance at a bounce back season.

We’d go JuJu S.S. Enjoy!

Cooper easily has the highest upside.

Highlights aren’t an argument, and the question was who the safest player is. There is no way that’s Juju.

Those are his Top 10 plays as a ROOKIE. And seems as though you are making up your own questions. Never was about safe from the originating question. Seems as though you makeshifting things as the thread progresses? If you think Cooper is safer than Juju this year, we totally disagree. We’d have JuJu over Cooper’s headache in 2018. Jus check the tape.

Sutton is a beast out in Denver and rumor is Raiders are all over the place. GL w/Cooper or DT. We gots Juju in a heartbeat in this convo.

You’re right. Got two posts mixed up.

That said, I have checked the tape (and not just highlights), and I would still gladly take Cooper every time. Throw in the extra volume he gets and I really don’t think this is that close.

Thanks All!! Went with D. Thomas

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