4th Spot in SuperFlex

So this is the first time that I’ll be playing in a super flex league (.5 Point PPR) and I landed the 4th spot(12 person league). Would it be crazy if I skip Mahomes/Jackson if available and go for one of the top ranked RBs?

I’ve always drafted RB heavy, and with the 4th pick I can’t believe that I have to consider drafting a QB instead.

What are your thoughts? I’m sure a bunch of you already play in Superflex leagues!

I would still go with a top rb. you can still snag quality qbs later but you won’t find a cook, kamara type later on that has that guaranteed production.

Thanks. That’s how I was thinking but don’t know if skipping over Mahomes/Jackson is foolish. Like I said, first time playing with this set up. I was imagining grabbing a Zeke/Kamara talent and back then up with either another elite RB and then MAYBE think about QB

I think that would be a good strategy. Just don’t feel forced to take a qb super early. if you do snag a top qb then id wait a while to get your second. but read try to read how the draft is going too

Thanks man- that’s really helpful. So I’m hoping to get some top talent RBs and Josh Allen/Minshew/Newton- I’m coming!

I’m going to ask ballers to do a Superflex mock draft. Maybe if a couple of us suggest that they will. I feel it’s the way that a lot of leagues are going to. Just like .5 point became the norm. Anyway, I’d love to hear their take as well.

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Hmm…now it’s coming up in mock drafts-
who would you, any of you take, Kamara or Zeke?

Did it. Got through this draft and I think I did pretty good.
Yahoo doesn’t think so(got a C on my report card) but I think I got some great value.

Miles Sanders
Allen Robinson
Jonathan Taylor
Robert Woods
Marquise Brown
Matt Stafford
Tevin Coleman
Hayden Hurst
Tony Pollard
Joe Burrow
Mecole Hardman
Chase Edomonds
Derek Carr
Darrel Williams