5-1 and maybe trade cmc away

So yeah 5-1 but the roster isnt looking great
qb brisset
rb CMC, Montgomery, mattison…
WR Cooper, Lockett, T. Williams, Sutton, Hollywood
TE Ertz, Andrews

Do i try and trade CMC for two other solid rbs?
Package two wr for one moderate rb?
move a te for a moderate rb?

Any suggestions or targets would be great

Any help? :confused:

I’d try a TE and wr for RB first. I like singletary going forward. Maybe Coleman if you can get him

its ertz for coleman to much to give up?

Can try mattison to the cook owner. I don’t think ertz for Coleman is too much

I’d keep CMC unless somebody comes knocking with a behemoth offer. Look at the OJ Howard owners team and try capitalizing on their TE frustration and float Andrews at them. You need some RB depth for sure

cook owner has zeke and fournette aswell so their not probably to worried about mattison. Their a little soft at wr could try like a lockett mattison trade.

Been trying to get le’veon from the OJ owner but he refuses to give him up even though he has no other real option