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5-1 starting to panic


Before I say anything just know that I love trades…

I am currently 5-1 with a stacked team:
QB: Watson/Mariota
RB: Bell, Hunt, McCaffrey, D. Martin, and A. Kamara and David Johson
WR: M. Thomas, D. Baldwin, T. Hilton, G. Tate, D Parker, D. Funches
TE: J. Reed

Okay so my RB situation is VERY good but my WR and TE have not performed to what I expected. I took a gamble on drafting Reed and it has not paid out. I was thinking about trading some of my RB/WR for WR or TE but I don’t know who to target or if I should just stay put… help?? I am starting to panic because this other dude in the league is 6-0 with an amazing team if I want to beat him or some of the other guys I need my WR to perform.


Trade kamara and Doug Martin for gronk or ERTZ? Only RBS I’d trade


Or pick up nick o from buffalo lol


The guy that is 6-0 has ertz so he wont trade him… And ive tried to trade for gronk but the guy wants McCaffrey + more


You have two quality QBs on your team. Wondering if you could find a team with a rough QB situation and try to package a QB with one of your RBs to get something you need. You’d be able to keep depth this way which will be important for the playoffs. So much hype around Watson right now, unless you are attached try moving him.


For gronk no way, if ANYTHING id trade McCoy for a stud WR, but not a injury prone TE .


Wait until their byes to trade them though lol


The QBs cause then you’d be streaming a week


Yea, the problem is Watson has a BYE this week so I have to play mariota. I’ll probably hold up another week and look for people that will start to panic.


You may not agree with me… but I’d try to trade Reed for Engram straight up. Engram is basically the best weapon on that team, and when Sheppard comes back, the defenses will have even a harder time to cover Engram. You could package Reed and Duke for Engram and a WR3/Flex? Unless you want to try to get Graham or someone. But that’s my advice, good luck man!


Yep, I love Engram. I had him before the WR got hurt than I dropped him ): and someone else picked him up. Biggest mistake ive made


and lol thats david johnson not duke


cough I’m mistaken sorry. I mean trade David Johnson and get a big piece in return. Reed and David Johnson should land you Engram and a really nice WR2. You’re 5-1 with Hunt and Bell. Realistically they may ease Johnson back and he may not even give you much value, you’re set at RB… Trade those two and get two nice pieces back. Go after Delanie Walker/Engram/Graham etc…


that’s a good point… especially with AP in Arizona now


Exactly, I have Johnson in a league but I have to hold onto him, I’m 2-4 and have by far the most points scored against me… so he’s my saving grace hopefully. But yeah, trade those two and get two good pieces in return man. You’d be golden. Graham has an amazing matchup this week against the Giants so if that sways your mind a little


thank you.


I’m in a similar situation in a 12 man. I’m just streaming TE’s. the way I see it is the few ppl who have a good TE are weak at another position. And everyone else is stuck with the same crap 5 points i’m getting anyway.


yea… TE this year are rough


Exactly, like Nick O’Leary is a great play until clay comes back. Kroft is poised for a good season, even Kittle. If you don’t want to make any moves man, just stream


Just got offered Engram and D. Thomas for McCaffrey what do you guys think