5-5 Should I make this trade?

10 team superflex ppr - redraft
QBs: Brady, Tannehill, Bridgewater, Lance
RBs: Mixon, Mitchell, CEH, J.Williams, Devonta Booker
WRs: Lamb, Terry, Diontae, Higgins, Toney, Bateman
TE: Pitts

Give up Mitchell and Higgins for Fournette? I am very desperate at RB right now.

I think id do that Higgins is just not impressing and Fournette is a solid upgrade over Mitchell. Bateman and Toney give you enough depth to lose higgins in this

Thanks. The Fournette owner is pretty stingy over everything. What if I switched out Higgins for McLaurin? My RB depth is just really concerning me and with my wideouts I should be able to upgrade at wideout

Idk I certainly dont like it as much Terry could still have some better games than whats he done of late hes a much higher value than Higgins

Okay agreed, just so needy at RB - trying not to tilt. Started off 0-5 now 5-5 and mitchell is looking like he aint playing so im just very concered, waivers are dry but might be my best option for this week if I cant trade. Thanks man.

What if I gave up Mitchel * Terry for Aaron Jones?

Unless to can get Dillon until Jones gets back, I wouldnt trade for Jones right now.