5 Different (Free) Redraft Leagues, All with a Different Twist

Redraft leagues, I’m running this year (all are free to join):
Guillotine: No head-to-head matchups; lowest scoring team each week is eliminated from the league releasing all their players for the other teams to pick up, until only 2 teams remain for the week 17 championship. Draft will start 2 weeks before NFL kickoff. Sleeper
Yahtzee: Another matchups-don’t-matter league, each week you “lock in” one player’s score for the rest of the season; champ is the team with the most points in their fully-locked lineup (“scorecard”) for Week 17. Draft starts 8 weeks before NFL kickoff (July 15th). Sleeper
Jacob’s Ladder: each team drafts only 1 player each week, filling their roster of 10 starters/4 bench, as the season goes (weekly matchups do matter). Draft, for 12 players (1 per team), will start 5 days before NFL kickoff. Sleeper
The Princess Bride: Once again, there’s no matchups, you’ll even occasionally semi-cooperate with your division mate; accumulate different stats to overcome weekly challenges, retelling the story of The Princess Bride through each challenge. Ever say “this is a great league to get my SO into fantasy football”? This league is the closest you’ll ever get. Draft starts 6 weeks before before NFL kickoff (July 29th). Sleeper
Stranger Things: This one’s pretty complicated, but the quick summary is… the last place team each week temporarily loses their FAAB, and they have a harder time winning their matchups, while simultaneously becoming harder for other teams to beat. Draft starts 3 weeks before NFL kickoff. Sleeper
All leagues’ drafts, except Princess Bride, will be slow-auction style… when Sleeper fixes it, until then (this year) they will be snake-style.


What needs fixed for sleeper actions?

I should have been more clear, I am referring to the slow auction settings. Sleeper works great if you’re doing a live auction, with timers at 2-3 minutes or less. The problems with slow auction are they don’t support multiple nominations, the notifications aren’t sufficient, and the bid timer reset isn’t adjustable. Sleeper has stated they are going to add multi-nom “soon,” but I suspect that means no earlier than next offseason.

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Are you looking for mates in these leagues?

Absolutely, they’ve all still got spots open, just click the Sleeper link for any league you’re interested in.

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