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5$ for antonio brown?



i pay him through real llife money he is my BFF btw and adding brown can be amazing team should i pay him

my teams 5-0


In my opinion, I would be upset if I was in that league and trades were being made by offering real money outside of the league. MAYBE if you were a team that needed WR help, but your team is stacked as is


hahaha yea kind of takes away from the whole game of fantasy, absolutely zero fun to this.

But to answer yes $5 is a good price for one of the best fantasy players in the entire league.


I don’t see a reason to pay real money for AB. Barring injuries, you’ll most likely win with what you have already. If $5 is burning a hole in your pocket, sure then do it.


Sounds like a garbage league. If you can legit buy a championship via real cash it’s not even a real league since it’s just filled with collusion.


the definition of collusion and why there are veto powers which I hate…garbage league and move…