5 Keeper League trade proposal

The Melvin Gordon owner offered me next years second round pick for ekeler in a 5 keeper superflex Extra Flex 12 man PPR. The only keeper stipulation is you can’t keep your first round pick. Should I? I have McCaffrey, mack, Jacobs, and Chris Thompson beside ekeler.

I wouldn’t. Ekeler is worth more than a 2nd round pick until Gordon get his contract.

I would take that in a heartbeat. Even if Melvin holds out it will be a timeshare with Justin Jackson getting bulk of carries. We haven’t seen what Ekeler can do over a full season and a 2nd round pick just seems way too valuable to pass on. If the only restrictions are you can’t keep 1st rounders. Your keepers next year will be nastyyyyy. Please do this

Exactly but wouldn’t 5 keepers really drop the value of that second round pick is my point. Make it more of a 5th-6th round pick?