5 Keeper League - Who should I keep?!

Looking for some #FootClan assistance as I turn in my selected keepers before the end of the month. I can keep a total of 5 players in a 1pt PPR league. I’ve got the 10th pick in the 2018 draft. Currently considering keeping Lewis, Mixon, Stafford & Jacksonville.

I would love to keep Fitz, but it’s not worth the price tag. Since I’m keeping Mixon with my 3rd round pick, Fitz would eat up my 2nd round pick.

Any additional recommendations for the 2018 season? Shepard, Walker or Cook?

Thanks in advance!

10TH Pick in 2018 | 1pt PPR | 6pt QB TD

Matthew Stafford [QB] DET : 7th Round
Isaiah Crowell [RB] NYJ : 2nd Round
Joe Mixon [RB] CIN : 3rd Round
Doug Martin [RB] OAK : 6th Round
Dion Lewis [RB] : 16th Round
Samaje Perine [RB] WAS : 11th Round
Larry Fitzgerald [WR] ARI : 3rd Round
Golden Tate [WR] DET : 4th Round
Sterling Shepard [WR] NYG : 10th Round
Delanie Walker [TE] TEN : 8th Round
Jared Cook [TE] OAK : 16th Round
Matt Prater [K] DET : 15th Round
Jacksonville Jaguars [DEF] JAC : 14th Round

Absolutely keep lewis as a 16th rounder. No Brainer.

Tate in the 4th in full PPR is deadly too. Between those TEs, Cook is a good enough value to take a shot at him. If it were me, I’d go:

Mixon, Lewis, Tate, Cook, Shepard.

I wouldn’t ever waste a keeper on a QB. 7th round isn’t really that great of a value for Stafford anyways. Would rather keep Delanie Walker in the 8th round. So I would probably keep

Mixon, Lewis, Tate, Walker.

As for the 5th pick, I don’t think keeping Fitz for a 2nd is that bad in a full PPR tbh. Assuming its a 12 man league, that means there will be 60 keepers so the top 60 guys will be off the board. Fitz is definitely a top 60 player so by the time the 2nd round comes around, not even clear if there will even be anyone left on the board left who is worth more than Fitz. But you probably know your league better than me so would make the judgement call. See if you can try and project who is keeping what to see what falls to you.

Thanks for the info! I know the Footballers always say to wait on a QB. I think my luck with Stafford the past couple years has pushed me to consider keeping him, but I agree, plenty of options at QB later in the draft.

@robert_michael and @MikeMeUpp, you guys both make convincing suggestions for Tate and Fitz. This is my first keeper league and the leagues 2nd year of existence. I am unfamiliar with how many players will be gone to ‘keepers’.

Losing my 2nd round w/ to Fitz and my 4th to Tate has me a bit apprehensive. @MikeMeUpp, you make a good point about the lack of other WR/RB options. Fitz ADP is in the 3rd round per FFC, so keeping him with my 2nd round pick may be an option knowing that the other top tier WR’s would not be an option at the turn-around in the 2nd round. In addition, knowing that I have Lewis has a RB #2 gives me options. I can use focus my 1st and 5th round picks on filling my additional starting RB/WR.

So now I’m thinking…
Larry Fitzgerald [WR] ARI : 2nd Round
Joe Mixon [RB] CIN : 3rd Round
Golden Tate [WR] DET : 4th Round
Jacksonville Jaguars [DEF] JAC : 14th Round
Dion Lewis [RB] : 16th Round

Note: The league has massive scoring on DEF, so keeping the Jags defense is a must. They won me a ton of games in 2017 and I don’t see that slowing down in 2018.

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