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5 keeper selection


In a 10 team, 5 keeper, standard scoring except QBs get 6pts for Pass TDs. I have the #1 overall pick that I received for trading Jordy, Ingram, and my 2nd round #1 pick. So I won’t pick again until last pick of the 3rd. Pick 5 out of these and also who would you take with that #1 pick. I am thinking Fournette.
Ty Montgomery
K. Dixon
A. Robinson
B. Cooks
J. Graham


Zeke is the obvious lock. after that its a game of who has the most that they can offer? cooks and robinson offer #1 reciever potential. i take them. i never keep QBs so cam is out. i guess after that its who would i rather between TY, dixon, and graham. and its TY and graham for me.


the real question is, do you HAVE to keep 5?

number 1 pick rookie draft im guessing by your fournette question. corey davis.