5 of my WR's are ranked 18-25. Advice on trades, start/sit, etc

So I’ve got Golladay and my WR 1 and then my next 5 are consistently ranked right be each other every single week. This obviously makes start sit decisions tough, so I’m looking to move 1 or 2 for a better WR or a RB.

DJ Moore
Tyler Boyd
Emman Sanders
Terry Mclaurain
Christian Kirk

Who would you try and move? I’ve been trying to move Mclaurain and Boyd but haven’t gotten any takers. Who are some realistic targets I should go after when trying to move any of these guys. And which 2 should I start?

Any help is appreciated.

Bump. Thoughts?

I have Boyd and McLaurin as well, and they have no trade value. I would go rank your WRs Sanders (if healthy), Kirk, McLaurin/Boyd (toss up).

Kirk and Sanders might have trade value, what RBs are you targeting?

Yeah, I’ve been offering Mclaurain all over the place and no one will bite. Boyd for Sony Michel was denied a few weeks ago but the owner said he might be open to it now.

I’ve been looking at RB’s in the same range as the WR’s 18-25 range. Michel, Montgomery, Bell, Gurley, Hyde, Mixon … finally dropped Damien Williams right before his first functional week of the year, which in hindsight was a bad move.

Guess it doesnt matter, the trade deadline was last night and I had no idea.

Lol oops. Not sure you would have landed any of those RBs anyway

In terms of who to start - for players in that range just pick based on the matchups from week to week.

Moore has a great matchup vs Atlanta and is a clear start this week. Sanders also has a great matchup against Arizona, but is injured and plays in the afternoon game. Depending on how the injury news breaks you could slot in Boyd as his backup, since Boyd plays at the same time and has a good matchup as well.

Kirk was a clear start against Tampa last week and near the bottom of that list vs. SF this week.

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