5 options to flex

I am choosing between Alex Collins, Matt Breida, Kerryon Johnson, Amari Cooper and Sammy Watkins for my flex. Who should be my Flex?

Collins probably has the safest workload, but I would probably prefer Kerryon or Watkins for the upside. I think I would go Kerryon for personal preference as running backs tend to have better floor due to touch counts.

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Thanks you for your opinion.

Would say Breida but with the new QB situation there’s so telling what’s gonna happen… collins or kerryon are prob the safer bets. Watkins has a high ceiling but a low floor.

Breida in PPR - Bethard at QB will check down to RB a ton and increase his reception totals significantly. Carlos Hyde never caught passes much prior to last year and got a ton or work in this system, particularly when Bethard was in at QB.

I like Watkins matchup on Monday night. There could be a lot of scoring in that one.

I like Collins or Watkins. If PPR, I think I go with Watkins. If standard, Collins. I’m tempted to say Kerryon but Dallas has a pretty good D line.

I think I am going with Kerryon.

I eliminated Collins because that matchup seems like the ball is going to be out of his hands a lot.

I eliminated Breida because I have to start Kittle and I dont want to start 2 49ers, especially this week.

I eliminated Cooper because its Amari Cooper.

That left me with Sammy and Kerryon. Right now I am just feeling some serious vibes that Denver is going to run the ball a ton and slow this game down. They have to if they want to win. So I think I am going to exploit the matchup with Sean Lee being out and go Kerryon.