5 player keeper legue help!

I get to keep 5 players but am struggling with the Gordon hold out and aj green injury… my thoughts were keeping juju, Diggs, damien William’s, Gordon and Ingram…thoughts?

what are the round penalties? are there any at all? would you be able to keep gordon next year?

J Smith-Schuster
D Williams
M Gordon
A Green
D Pettis or J Landry or S Diggs (personal preference)

Keep those first four and one of those 3 WRs. That should do you just fine.

Diggs is a safer and honestly more productive bet than Landry and Pettis

This is because guys like Landry, Pettis, Ingram can quite easily be drafted by you lower than the 5 I’ve suggested. You have to play a bit of a guessing game with who you think would be drafted higher if they were in the pool, but those are my 5 quite comfortably. When Green comes back he will likely be elite as usual, if the potential for re-injury scares you then move him after he comes back and has a good week.

Hunt ( maybe not this year, but eventually he will be on a team that uses him as a three down back) if you don’t feel like holding the roster space then I would say Digs

He could just redraft Hunt for a lower pick than Diggs would go for in redraft.

If the draft were today, we’d lean:

Juju, Diggs, Green, Gordon, Dame

There are no round penalty for keepers. Awesome thanks for the I put guys

The part that scared me with keeping both green and Gordon is that I’ll be down 2 starters beginning of the season. But your right that they will have more trade appeal once there back