5 players to target

Hey guys,

I have the 1.01 in a dynasty start up draft so I am most likely going to CMC and chill. It’s a 10 team Full PPR. 1 qb 2rb 2wr 1TE 3(w/r/t) 1def, 12 bench spots.

who would your 5 must have players on your team be? (That you would even reach for a little bit) in order to dominate and crush souls for the next 3-5 years.

Any position any round

WR > RB in startup dynasty, I’d go Michael Thomas at the 1.01

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CMC is ok, but so is a stud WR. The issue with going Michael Thomas at 1.01 in a dynasty startup is who will be throwing him the ball either next season or the season after given Bree’s age. In the 3 startup dynasty’s I’m in this year Mahomes has gone 1.01 in all 3, but these were also Superflex. In a single QB standard flex league, I would probably still go CMC, then rounds 2-5 load up on WR’s, or Kittle at the 2/3 turn if he happens to fall there, then the rest WR’s. Of course, if another RB falls to far then snag them too. But all those upside RB’s later in the draft would go good with CMC and could have massive upside like Boston Scott, Mattison, Pollard, heck even Fournette now you can probably get later but will have some upside for sure.

I can’t really say would to reach for as I haven’t drafted from the 1.01 in a dynasty startup yet, mid pack each time.

Good point, but I think Thomas’ talent makes him QB proof, kind of like how Nuke demonstrated he was a few years back. Remember he had Teddy 2 gloves throwing him the ball for 5.5 games in 2019 if I recall. Of course Teddy is better than what Nuke had to deal with in 2015.

This is true as well. It’s a touch call for sure.