.5 PPR 12 Team draft from 7 Grade?

Hey what do you guys think of my team? I was drafting from the 7 spot. RB went fast and had to jump on Michael Thomas, and I really wanted little so those were my first two picks the rest was pass catcher heavy, but feel like I came out pretty solid

That Montgomery news hurts! I would not keep Jarwin on my bench, you have little. Drop him and pick up more RB depth!

I would love to but they maxed us out at 4 per WR or RB. So I can’t load up on one position. :roll_eyes:

I am thinking of proposing a trade to get K. Drake and a WR for Month and Goliday thoughts?

Brutal. If you put Montgomery in your IR spot does that mean you can then pick up another RB?

Tried but since he is not out I can’t.

How does this sound?: Kenyan Drake and Mecole Hardman for Montgomery and Goliday? Sound even to me

Yeah that’s not terrible. I think Drake is going to have a big year. Especially if you think Montgomery is going to be out longer than the 2-4 week timetable. I wonder if you could maybe get more than Hardman from them? I just don’t know how big a year to expect from him. Obviously if he continues to step up from last year that’s an amazing trade. Do you get points in your league for return yards?

I mean your receiving corps is stacked. You’d be fine (likely) looking for a WR/RB trade! Think they’d take Cupp instead of golladay?

Actually yes we do get points for return yards first time for me.

I love kupp for the first 5 games

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I agree, Cupp is awesome.