.5 PPR 2 FLEX - Akers, Boyd, Miller or Jeudy?

Need help with my 2 FLEX options.

Boyd is a definite of the 4 for me

the 2nd is between Akers and Miller for me, both have lots of question marks. Akers would be a no brainer if we knew he’d be getting majority of the work, but with Brown listed as the one and Akers at 3 (unofficially), it’s a roll of the dice. Miller (assuming Anthony Miller from CHI), has Trubisky throwing to him, on the road on what shouldddd be a slightly better secondary in Detroit. all that said, just because to me there is more uncertainty around Akers, I go with Miller. But can’t blame you if you go the other way with it.


Thanks. Boyd and Miller were kinda how I’m leaning. Waiting to see on Henderson to make final decision about Akers

I’m rolling out Jerry Jeudy with Sutton getting hurt today.