.5 PPR - 3 Keeper League

You have CMC as your number 1 keeper but you’re struggling with number 2 and 3.

Out of Chris Godwin, Tyreek Hill and Josh Jacobs, who do you choose?

First off, kudos on even having this choice.

This isn’t an easy one. But assuming you will continue to have the option of keeping these players without any restrictions in future seasons, I think I’d lean towards Jacobs & Hill.

There are so many great WR options right now - I just couldn’t let go of a 22-yo RB with Jacob’s pedigree. Pairing him with CMC is fire.

When it comes to the WR’s, Godwin is an amazing young talent. But I’m taking the guy who I’m confident will remained tethered to Mahomes moving forward. And the guy who I’m certain is the #1 WR on his team.

Hope that helps.