.5 PPR Ballers Preferred redraft league $50

Hey everyone! Starting a new 12-person .5 pt PPR league using the “Ballers Preffered” League Format. (Check out https://www.thefantasyfootballers.com/articles/ballers-preferred-league-format/) If you’re not familiar.

It’s through ESPN. Post your ESPN email if you are interested. Should be a good time and a very active league!

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Check your email!

Or just click the link to join the league! A bit easier this way.

Im interested, ryan@reliablesecurity.com. whats the payment, leaguesafe?

Yeah we will use leaguesafe I’m almost positive. Check your email! Just sent an invite over.

its official


Check email!


Check Email my man

There are still 5 spots left! Message me or comment on here your email and I can get you in.

I’m in! griffinmay8@gmail.com

I’m interested if there is still room.


Check your inbox!

Got you in. Check your inbox!

We still have one more spot for the league!! Let me know ASAP

If there’s still a spot open, please add me! aayala110823@gmail.com

Interested! P.a.miller@hotmail.com

timhoelzle@gmail.com if you’ve still got a spot.