.5 ppr better keeper. Juju, Tyreek Hill, Thielen?

Who is a more valuable keeper Juju, tyreek hill or thielen?

Juju has the most youth but Roethlisberger may retire soonish. Tyreek hill is a bit older and has a new QB but Mahomes is a gunslinger. Thielen is a bit older but probably has the best outlook next year.


I have Thielen and Hill and have been going back and forth. I believe being a Vikings fan has lead me more towards Thielen. Then again, my other two keepers are Zeke and McCaffrey. Thielen just adds more consistency than Hill does. Juju is a tier or so under Thielen/Hill. I do like Juju a lot though.

I’d keep thielen. More upside I think. No one knows if Hill will continue to be the main guy with a new QB and Watkins in town. And juju is great I love him as a Steelers fan but he was extremely efficient last year hard to imagine that’ll sustain

Are you able to keep them indefinitely (or at least a good while)? If so, Hill by a mile. His upside is tremendous, he’s already proved he can be a WR1, and he’s a good bit younger than Theilan.

You can keep indefinitely and the round value remains the same (I know shitty format but not up to me)

Hill for sure then

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Hill for me. I think he has a long road ahead of him and should be productive. I am not worried about Watson showing up. Thielen might be good short term but his age holds him back. I think juju is trapped behind AB for awhile.

Short overview of my thoughts, but I would go hill.

I would end up keeping Theilen. I love juju and tyreek the freak but. Theilen as proven to be able to be the main contributor between the 20s and also a red zone threat. Hill is great in between the 20s but doesnt really have the same red zone presence. Juju can do both however and has the potential to do just as well as Theilen but i feel safer with Theilen and also consider how Diggs never finishes a season without injuries

safest bet, Juju.

most explosive potential but also highly risky because he was force into a WR1 roll when he is a gadget player, thats hill

thielen has risks too, because we dont know if him doing so well was just a QB connection.

im going juju. he is a top premier talent, who also happens to be YOUNG. the kid isnt even done growing yet. like physically, has not stopped growing yet lol. he has AB to teach him, and big ben, while out the door soon, is still there now. and its not like juju will retire once ben is gone. honestly he has as much time with ben as thielen has with kirk at this moment.

hill is interesting, because he can do well. but he is the 3rd option for the chiefs (here comes the people that disagree but its true) but he is a game to game guy. a gadget guy. someone who can win you games, but also lose you games. i love hill, dont get me wrong. but speed guys are great, just not consistent.

thielen… man i love the dude, but im not 100% sold yet on him. for fantasy. i think he will be great for real football. i just need to see it with kirk.

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The most explosive potential (taken quite literally) is definitely Hill.

I think Hill is the best 5 year option, JuJu the best 10 year option. Thielen the best 1 year option? Haha

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Maybe. Hill was what, WR6 last year? I get the QB is changing and Watkins is coming in, but Thielen is getting a new QB two, so I’m not sure you can hold it against him and not Theilen.